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Countess Nadia Starella is available for psychic readings late nights on Welcome to the website of Countess Nadia Starella! Her gifts to you summed up in one line “Insights so Heavenly You Will Ascend.” With an accuracy that will astound you, she will move your life force forward. Countess Nadia Starella is an interfaith spiritual advisor and counselor who has been helping people discover depth and harmony in their lives for many years. A New Orleans native and also a Reverend, Countess Nadia is a warm, life-loving blend of universal truths, ever enriched by ongoing studies in philosophy, world culture, metaphysics, music and happiness factors. She is an internationally renowned radio and television personality. A skillful intuitive, Nadia’s focus is on understanding and enthusiastically embracing the present moment, while honoring the past and acknowledging the future. In guiding her clients to personal power and balance, she strives to inspire with thoughtful spiritual insights and positive practical advice. The best way to contact me is via this website.

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Legend of Lahaina by Countess Nadia Starella Lyric Video

50 years ago I wrote a song after a heavenly stay in Lahaina. I could not seem to find the channels to record it so I patiently waited. As soon as I saw the situation in Maui I began contacting everyone I knew to ask if they would support me in a funraiser. (this is purposely misspelled!) I have little experience in this arena but every single person I asked offered to help! People remembered the song and were thrilled to see it being used for this noble cause. Do join us in the restoration of this mystical enchanted land. Love, infinite blessings and light to all the kind souls who are with us. 77% will be used to assist Lahaina in numerous ways.

Written and Performed by Countess Nadia Starella Recorded and edited by Rob Roa (DJ FONO) @Roundabout-Records September 27th 2023 Delray Beach, FL

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Countess Nadia Starella is an empathetic, gifted reader and healer. She tunes into your vibrations and gives practical advice through her insights. She teaches and mentors you on how to best use your life force for moving forward in the areas that enrich your natural talents and gifts. World traveled with much wisdom from the heart, she helps you to manage your life to the fullest. Nadia has been a counselor/advisor/reader for many years. Gifted since childhood she has had thousands of clarifying, insightful readings and consultations. With a highly intuitive presence, she is known as a skilled practitioner who brings love, humor and the wisdom of the ages to her devotees. Call for an appointment at 772-370-0737 or use the form below.

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An Ordinary Earth Angel With Extraordinary Gifts

This is an autobiographical documentary performance journey audio/video production on the life of Countess Nadia Starella Alexandria. It is a fascinating unique look at both the incredible existence and philosophies of a clairvoyant, bodhisattva, scientist, author, minister, raconteur, musician, composer, costume designer, comedienne, psychologist, artist, actress, international tv/radio personality, master statistician, classic film historian, bon vivant. There are excerpts from the family dynasty, travels, past lives, secrets held nowhere else on earth connected to DNA programming, health, success, happiness, prosperity bliss. it may be one of the first of its kind as it embodies the live performance of the creator as well as the metaphysical messages from spirits and masters throughout history. May all who read it realize their dreams, know there are others on exploratory journeys, just like them who can lead them to self-realization. Sincerely, Countess Nadia Starella Alexandria   Order Now

About The Countess

Internationally revered and honored, clairvoyant, counselor, and mystic, Countess Nadia was born into a family of intellectuals, artists, and metaphysical entrepreneurs. Her mother, Galaxy, was a rare and magnetic creature from the old South. Her father, Armand, was a noted professor, linguist and musician. As a child she was encouraged to embrace many cultures, disciplines and brave new thoughts. This inspired Nadia to take the road less travelled.

Her extensive travels and independent studies took her to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Panama, France, England, just to name a few countries. Her love of other cultures and people has made Nadia a compassionate and benevolent counselor, who empathetically connects to your soul. Nadia is the sister of Skyy Della, noted author, legendary yoga master and mystic. Their brother, Armand (of Armand and Angelina fame) is a world renowned musical minister, composer and international recording artist. CONTACT STARELLA

Recent Events 

Star at the Singles Lifestyle Expo in Fort Lauderdale July, 2011.

Star at the Millionaire Singles Event at the Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach June, 2011.

Star at the Universal Lightworkers Conference in Fort Lauderdale June, 2010.